Perfect Memory: A Tiny Wearable Camera

I am seriously lusting after this awesome little gadget right now! The people at Perfect Memory got in touch recently to let me know about the Indiegogo campaign for their new product. The campaign is now fully funded (yay!) and heading into materials and sourcing preparation, so the Perfect Memory camera is one step closer to production.

As well as being sleek and jewellery-pretty, the camera can be operated remotely with a smartphone app which is awesome if you’re a bit obsessed with mobile photography (like me!). It shoots still pictures and video, including an advanced timelapse mode, which can be edited using patented autoedit technology. It’s even possible to share and livestream footage directly from the mobile app.

As part of my job involves live coverage of outdoor theatre festivals, I would absolutely LOVE one of these little gadgets. The fact that it fits existing action mounts makes it even more flexible and useful. I’m already thinking about what I could attach it to for unique views of events as they happen. I’m also excited about its potential for creating art as well as capturing moments. It looks like a wonderfully versatile tool and a real game-changer!

I received no payment or other incentive for this post. I’m genuinely interested in the product and if I’m able to get my hands on one (once there are a few more in existence) I’ll post a review here to let you see it in action.

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Mundane Fascination

My new-to-me Sony Xperia Z2 had its first use as an art-making machine and I’m now even more in love with it. I wanted to challenge the (mistaken, right?) idea that a self-portrait shot in a bathroom mirror can’t be art. Anything has the potential to be art. Art isn’t about the subject. It’s about the intention, vision, execution and impact. The bathroom in question is in the building where the office of the charity I work for is. I had my first photography studio in that building and the first photos I shot in there, years ago now, were in the bathroom.

I’ve been really enjoying looking at abstract photography lately, so since I had my phone in the bathroom with me anyway and there weren’t any people around to wonder why I was being weird, I took pictures (below) of the tiles (top), counter and floor (middle) and window (bottom).

These photos are start-to-finish mobile photography, processed with the wonderful VSCO app, which you should definitely download if you haven’t already. It’s available for iOS and Android, and best of all – it’s free!

Minimal abstract photograph of white tiles with subtle reflection, shot with a Sony Xperia Z2 and processed with VSCO.

Minimal abstract photograph of a speckled counter top and floor, shot with a Sony Xperia Z2 and processed with VSCO.

Minimal abstract photograph of a frosted window, shot with a Sony Xperia Z2 and processed with VSCO.

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Tips And Tricks For Photographers And Bloggers

A Little Life Update

I’m going to share some photography and blog tips and tricks with you today because I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had a moment to take any new photos. The charity I run online communications for recently had its AGM and I was elected to be a Trustee this year! I’m super excited and one of the first things I’ve gotten stuck into was starting to overhaul our office. The last two days have been spent clearing, cleaning and organising and as anyone who knows me will tell you, this is basically heaven for me.

I also got a new-to-me phone last week. It’s a Sony Xperia Z2 and it came into my possession in a weird way. My husband’s phone died so he was looking for one to replace it with. I’ve been struggling with the size of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 because it’s just a little too big to comfortably fit in my hand for things like reading and web browsing, so he bought the Z2 then we swapped because the Note 4 is definitely more suited to his (huge) hand and I got a gorgeous new phone. I was hoping to have had some time to take photos with the Z2 so I could write a blog post about it and share some pictures, but it looks like that’s going to have to happen another time.

Get Ready For The Tips And Tricks!

So, on to this post. I’ve written a few tips and tricks posts over the last few months to help people with photography and blogging. I love writing tutorials but wanted to turn my hand to something more concise and also to focus less on specific technical information and more on suggestions that can be easily customised by anyone at any level of skill and experience. Here goes with the tips and tricks!


5 Ways to Break Out of a Photography Rut

5 Ways To Break Out Of A Photography Rut

Do you ever feel the urge to take photos but find yourself stuck in a photography rut? It’s frustrating when your camera is ready for action but your muse is having a snooze. Fear not – here’s a list of quick and easy ways to break out of that rut and find inspiration again!


5 Useful Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your Phone

5 Useful Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Phone

Whether you’re an experienced photographer who hasn’t delved into the world of mobile photography yet or a blogger who wants to take lovely pictures for your blog posts but doesn’t have a ‘big camera’, it can be difficult to get started. All you need is your phone, an open mind and that wonderful artistic view of the world that I know you already have.


5 free and easy ways to a better blog

5 Free And Easy Ways To A Better Blog

No matter what blogging platform you’re using or how much (or how little) time you have to spend customising your blog or building your brand, there are some super simple ways you can make your blog even better. The tips listed here can be followed on any platform, will cost you nothing and can all be done in just one day. So what are you waiting for?


5 Easy Ways To Be A Better And Happier Photographer

5 Easy Ways To Be A Better And Happier Photographer

Whether you’re a professional photographer who’s always focused on attracting new clients, a photography student working hard to achieve amazing grades, or an beginner putting all your energy into perfecting new photographic techniques, it’s important to make time to take photos that make YOU happy. And guess what? Being totally in love with taking pictures will help you become a better photographer!


I hope you’ve found these photography and blog tips and tricks useful!
If you enjoyed them, why not share them with your friends?

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Macro Photography: Guiding Light

Have I mentioned how much I love macro photography? Ok, I probably have…only about a thousand times. I’ve photographed flames before but never in macro, so I really wanted to give that a go. The background is a glitter lamp and the whole thing was set up in front of a window so there was plenty of light coming through from behind the lamp and around the edges to make sure the flame wasn’t the only bright point in the picture. I was a bit unsure about my lens getting up close and personal with fire, so I was really careful to make sure I didn’t get too close and melt anything important! I was really surprised at the amount of detail that was captured in the burning candle wick – I wasn’t expecting that at all.

I feel like there’s a lot of potential for experimentation here with different sizes, types and even colours of flame, different backgrounds, photographing in the dark, playing with reflections and even capturing smoke as well as fire, perhaps with incense rather than a candle. My brain cogs are clicking and whirring with ideas now so hopefully I’ll have a chance to try out some of these soon and have more fiery macro photography to share.

What I use for macro photography

For this photo, I used my trusty Polaroid macro lens attachment fitted to an 18-55mm lens on my Sony Alpha A550 dSLR. I bought the macro lens attachment from Amazon last year because it was surprisingly cheap and it looked like fun but it’s definitely become one of my favourite pieces of kit since then. Taking close-up pictures of tiny things has really changed how I look at the world.

Prints of this photo are available here.


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Instagram: Show Me Your World

Instagram is one of my favourite social media channels and possibly the most fun thing I do with my phone. I love sharing my own photos and I love looking at other people’s even more. It took me a while to get into Instagram after it first launched, and even longer to view it as somewhere to share my ‘real’ photography, but now I’m definitely a hardcore fan and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it transcends language.

You don’t need to have words in common with someone to enjoy each other’s pictures. I’ve connected with more people from different parts of the world through Instagram than through any other place online and because of this I have an amazing feed of pictures every day showing me Japanese gardens, Norwegian wildlife, South African cities, Russian fashion…and the list goes on. Of course, I never tire of seeing beautiful sights from around my gorgeous home – Scotland!

I also love the Explore function.

You can find this in the Search & Explore tab (the little magnifying glass). Based on accounts you follow and photographs you engage with, Instagram creates a feed of content that it thinks you’ll enjoy. Unlike some other social media channels that leave me shaking my head and wondering “Why?!”, Instagram’s Explore feed is genuinely packed with pictures I’m happy to see. I’ve discovered some of my favourite photographers this way and I spend time scrolling through it almost every day.

If you’re on Instagram…

You can find me at @rockstarvanity where I share everything from portraiture to nature photography to conceptual art. I love having a place where commercial work from my archives can sit side by side with pictures I take and process on my mobile phone. Come and say hi. Show me your world 🙂

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